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Made with a hand tossed crust. Make it whole wheat crust add $0.99. Medium 12” feeds 1-2. Large 16” feeds 3-4. Xlarge 18” feeds 6-7. Colossal 24" feeds 7-10
Medium 12"
Large 16"
X-Large 18"
Colossal 24"
Gluten Free Pizza

Ingredients: White rice flour, millet flour, tapioca flour, xanthan gum, dairy free milk alternative, egg replacer sugar, egg whites, vinegar, vegetable oil and water

Famous Gourmet Pizza

All of our pizza dough is made fresh daily. For your benefit we import grain from Mediterranean to unify our prestige flavor and ensure a satisfying taste. Our sauce is a special blend of herbs and spices, combined with delectable ripe tomatoes, resulting in a perfect combination of our enticing tomato sauce. All pizzas are topped with finest Italian mozzarella cheese and cooked to perfection